Senior Interview Day is Wednesday, March 31, 2021!

This year's event will be a virtual one utilizing Zoom (no luncheon)

Wamego High School Senior Interview Day has a long and proud tradition at Wamego High School, originating back in 1977 in the WHS business department and having grown to be school-wide and now featuring a luncheon with a guest speaker.  Each year approximately 60 interviewers provide over 360 twenty-minute mock interviews to over 100 WHS seniors who utilize this experience to prepare themselves for life beyond high school.    This event is co-coordinated by WHS Counselor Jina Kugler and Wamego Tech Center Director Jana Lindley.  

WHS Seniors, it's time to prepare for this big event which is required for graduation!

 Fiil out the REQUIRED Google Form about your CAREER CHOICE.

Join the Senior Interview Day Google Classroom & watch for posted information!

 View the Senior class CAREER CHOICES          

 You will participate in at least three 15-minute interviews provided by a professional.  Please design your own creative materials.  We do not recommend using a template. 
Email ONE PDF of all of your documents to by March 11.

Your application materials will include:
        > a cover letter  What it is    Examples
        > your resume   What to include    
        > a reference page Who to use   Ask permission from 3 adult professionals   
        > an application 
for employment form (2 pages)      type in this PDF version & save


Mrs. Lonker's Resume 101 Slides and Video 

Information on Interview MATERIALS Preparation.

Excellent Resume Info from the KSU Career Center

Consider adding these items to your resume

Ten things to check before submitting your resume

Read over these sample interview questions

How to Look Good on a Zoom

 Interview Do's & Don'ts

Top executives share their favorite interview questions

Questions?  Email: or


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