This year's event will be TOTALLY VIRTUAL utilizing Zoom interviews!

Senior Interview Day will be held Wednesday, March 31, 2021 at Wamego High School.  This event has a long and proud tradition at WHS, originating back in 1977 in the WHS business department and having grown to be school-wide and now featuring a luncheon.  Every year approximately 55 interviewers provide over 300 twenty-minute mock interviews to over 100 WHS seniors who utilize this experience to prepare themselves for life beyond high school.  This event is co-coordinated by WHS Counselor Jina Kugler and Wamego Technology Center Director Jana Lindley and is a graduation requirement for all WHS Seniors.   If you would like to be involved as an interviewer for our event, please email or call 785-458-7808 for more information.

The event runs from 8:00am - 2:30pm, but interviewers may participate in just morning or just afternoon sessions if not available for the full day.  We do our best to match interiviewers with students interested in your line of work, but in some instances you may interview a student in another career area.


  • Serving as a professional representative of your company & carrying out a professional interview
  • Preparing pertinent interview questions for 18 year-olds seeking an entry-level position in your field
  • Being prepared for an interview time of 15 minutes
  • Providing students constructive feedback immediately after the interview that will help them in the future



 Access the Seniors' documents here

The History of WHS Senior Interview Day

Sample Interview Questions

Interview Evaluation Form

Top Executives Share Interview Questions

Senior Interview Day appreciates sponsorship 

support from Pott County Economic Development 

Fill out the SID Interviewer Volunteer Application

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Are you available all day? (approx. 8:00am - 2:30pm)

All my information below this point is IDENTICAL to last year.

Are you comfortable interviewing students not directly interested in your line of work? For example: You might be a banker interviewing a student interested in becoming a store clerk or travel agent. We sometimes request your flexibility & willingness to interview in other areas based on students' interests. Our focus is really on the interview PROCESS in addition to specific areas of student job interest.

You will be contacted if we are able to utillize your employment field and schedule you as an interviewer. Thank you!